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Welcome to the AMVETS Ladies Auxiliary Ohio Department
Web Site created especially for our members.

Let us introduce Fran Ganda, our Department President for 2012-2013:

President Sonya Limer

Fran is a life member of Auxiliary 32 in Elyria, Ohio where she held numerous offices and served 2 years as President.  While serving as President, Fran was the recipient of the Patty Piening Leadership Award for Outstanding Local Auxiliary President.  Fran has also held many offices in the 13th District, including District President.  She has been the 13th District Secretary for the past eight years.  She has served on several National Committees.  She has served as Department Convention Co-Chairman, PRO/Historian, Americanism, 3rd Vice President, 2nd Vice President, 1st Vice President and at Department Convention in Cincinnati in June, 2012 she was elected Department President.  She is also the VAVS Representative for Department at the Wade Park VAMC in Cleveland, where she volunteers at least twice a week on the Hospice Unit. 

Fran’s eligibility is through her husband, Ted, who served 11 years in the Air Force.  Her father served in the 82nd Airborne duringWWII and her grandfathers both served in the Army, one during WWI and

the other during Korea.   As such Fran learned to respect our Flag, our Country, and our troops: past, present and future.  Fran’s passion has always been our Veterans and seeing that they get the respect and care they deserve. 

Fran is a retired legal secretary who for 30 years worked with attorneys handling personal injury, wrongful death, and white collar criminal.  She and Ted have been married 33 years and have a son, TJ.  They have been active in Veterans organizations for over 28 years.  They have a great respect for the AMVETS Family and for their hard work and dedication to our Veterans, their families, children and the community.  Fran believes that we do make a difference in the lives of those we touch and hopes she has been helpful and comforting to our Veterans throughout the years.

Fran’s theme this year is “Leave No Veteran Homeless.” Her project is Homeless Veterans in Ohio

The Director of the VA has said he wants to end homeless veterans within 5 years.  Unfortunately there is percentage of Veterans who would rather remain homeless than deal with everyday life.  However, for those Veterans who want help, the VA has started an initiative with community agencies across Ohio.  The areas they will cover are:  1) Get the Veterans health;  2) Get the Veterans counseling so they can mainstream back into society;  3) Get the Veterans training, whether it is a GED, trade school, or college;  4) After the Veterans are trained, help them get jobs; and  5) Help the Veterans find housing.

The VA and HUD have united to provide low cost housing for our homeless Veterans.  The part of this initiative that Fran has chosen for her President’s Project is to raise funds to help furnish the Veterans’ apartments or houses.  You can also donate household items and I will see that they get to each VAMC facility.

Do you remember what it was like moving into your first apartment or home and needing everything?  This is what our homeless Veterans are facing.  It is wonderful to provide them with housing; however, they need far more to make that apartment their home.  Items needed are: sheets, blankets, pillows, bath towels and washcloths, shower curtains, pots and pans and cooking utensils, dishes and silverware.  The list goes on and on.  This initiative is in VA facilities in Cleveland, Dayton, Cincinnati, Chillicothe, and Columbus Out-Patient Clinic.
Please join Fran in helping our Homeless Veterans this year. 


Department Service Officers' Projects 2012 - 2013

Fran Ganda, President

Theme: Leave No Veteran Homeless
Project: Homeless Veterans in Ohio

Marlene Morris, 1st Vice President

       Theme:   Fanning the Flames of Membership
Chairman’s Award:  At my expense, to the Auxiliary who submits a written
summary of how and what they do to promote membership with regard to
attendance at their Meetings.

Lynn McCauley, 2nd Vice President

       Theme:  When You Choose Hope Anything is Possible
Project:  Kids n’ Kamp
Chairman’s Award:  At my expense, to the Auxiliary donating the most money
to Kids n Kamp by Mid-Winter Conference

Cindy Rice, 3rd Vice President

       Theme: Helping Military Families in Need
Project: Callen Foundation
Chairman’s Award:  At my expense, donating the most money for Callen Foundation $30.00
by Mid-Winter Conference

Susan Weyrick, Americanism Chairperson
Theme:  Freedom is the Foundation of Our Lives
Project:  Honor Flight
Chairman’s Award:  At my expense, to the Auxiliary donating the most money
to Honor Flight by Mid-Winter Conference

Linda Spicer, Hospital Chairperson

       Theme:  Helping Their Loved Ones
Project:  Bobby’s Books
Chairman’s Award:  At my expense, to the Local Hospital Chairman donating
the most money for Bobby’s Books by Mid-Winter Conference

Eileen Martin, Chaplain/Scholarship

       Theme:  Hollar for Our Scholars, They Need Your Dollars
and We Need a Lot of Scholars
Project:  Raising Lots of Dollars for the Scholars
Chairman’s Award:  At my expense, to the Auxiliary donating the most
money for Scholarship

LaDonna Kraft, PRO/Historian

       Theme:  Things to be Remembered for Madam President
Chairman’s Award:  At my expense, to the person(s) who submits the most articles,
pictures, news items, etc.

Updated Oct. 2012
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